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6 Days from our monthly donation goal! Any help is much appreciated!
Everyone Please Welcome
Thank you to NWG_Thee-Oddball ($50), NWG_Bzapper ($10), and NWG_Storm ($10) for your donations!
RIP NWG #1. Many good times and memories on it,
Everyone Please Welcome ---- NWG_OmariusPrime
BF1 Revolution edition (BASE GAME PLUS PREMIUM) IS $23.99 on ORIGIN
Thank you very much to StoneWapple ($40) and imthatkidANT ($25) for your donations!
Thank you SO much to NWG_Novac ($25), Anonymous ($6), Psycho ($80), NWG_GiddupDuck ($50), and NWG_Murd3rsaurus ($50)!!!! We can't do it without all of you!
The first half of BF1's 3rd DLC Turning Tides, is now live and on the server! Come check it out!
BF1 conquest never emptied out, now the rush server is full too!
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